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What is offer and order and why should you care?

Get a primer on the concept as we answer a few of your top questions. Learn why this new retailing future opens your company to a world of opportunity.

What is offer and order?

To meet the increasing demands on travel, the airline industry is embracing modern retailing supported by an offer-order model. So, what exactly does this mean?​

The offer-order model allows airlines to sell more personalized products and bundles based on unique traveler needs. It also simplifies servicing, settlement, and the traveler experience. Watch the full video to learn more.​

Why change?

For Airlines
You’ll be able to create, fulfill and service personalized, higher-margin content. You will also use real-time data flows to grow revenue and help reduce costs. Plus, you’ll have a greater ability to form partnerships that enable you to offer air and non-air products.

For Agencies
You’ll have access to products and services that better meet your customers’ needs. You can increase revenue opportunities through higher margins, upsell and cross-sell opportunities. And you can find new efficiencies through streamlined processes.

What will change?

In the move to offers and orders, some things will change. But we don’t think you’ll miss them.

Legacy systems and processes, including the PSS, booking classes, fare filing, PNR, eTickets, and EMD will most likely go away or evolve. These longtime hindrances will be replaced by new ways of working, driven by technological advances.

Airline retailing transformation starts here

The transition to offer- and order-based retailing is a multi-year industry-wide undertaking, with individual airlines at different stages of the transformation journey. Explore how ɫ¼Mosaic™, our new, revolutionary airline retailing platform can help you get started.

New to modern airline retailing? Our can help you choose the best transition route.

The industry is ready for a change

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